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 Weight Loss Coaching


Weight Loss Counselling Services


If you’ve been struggling to lose weight for many months or years, the standard ‘eat less, exercise more’ advice just doesn’t cut it. This is because the reasons behind your weight gain or inability to maintain a healthy weight are complex and rooted in issues which aren’t immediately obvious. If you’ve tried several dietary changes and different types of exercise without lasting results, it may be time to consider professional weight loss therapy. Based on the south side of Canberra, My Guiding Angel will provide you with insight, guidance, education and support that will enable you to permanently achieve your weight loss goals.

As a weight loss therapist, I use a variety of evidence-based methods including ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to help bring about lasting change in your thought patterns and habits – resulting in weight loss that lasts. Learn how to deal effectively with cravings, urges, emotional eating and psychological barriers that have resulted in you gaining weight, whilst learning skills to permanently improve your health, vitality and overall wellbeing.

In the time that I have been a weight loss counsellor, I have helped my clients overcome their struggle with food, lose significant weight, and improve their overall health and wellbeing. Many of my weight loss counselling clients enjoy the fact that I use a holistic approach to weight loss with sessions tailored to their individual needs, going far beyond meal plans and calorie counting. Obtain lasting motivation by tapping into your personal values, and develop skills to give you a sustainable way of living and eating, so you stop struggling with your weight loss battle.

Each session is delivered in a private, welcoming and non-clinical environment on the south side of Canberra. For more information or to book your initial appointment, please contact My Guiding Angel on 0402 400 929 or email 


 Alternatives to One-On-One Coaching

If you feel you need the support of your peers who are going through what you are going through, you may wish to consider My Guiding Angel Weight Loss courses. Held on the south side of Canberra, these courses are designed to teach you scientifically proven techniques to experience freedom from the never-ending weight loss battle. Read more about these courses now.  

"After struggling all my life with the ‘battle of the bulge’ and trying all of the many fad diets I sort the help and guidance of ‘My Guiding Angel’. Simone was the most professional, genuinely caring and supportive coach during my visits. She always sought out new ways to best help me with my endeavour to lose weight and gain a positive mind set. The visits were tailored to me and I found the experience to be very positive. I have managed now to lose 30kgs and feel very lucky to have had the support and guidance that Simone has given me. I would have no hesitation in recommending My Guiding Angel (Simone) and feel her ability is not only vast but her passion for what she does is what sets her apart from others."

- Kerry, Canberra 


"After being recommended by Simone through a friend I know I made the best choice in regards to my weight loss. Simone helped me work through my relationship with food - the bad kind. I am now happy, having fun, smiling and have rekindled my confidence. Simone is genuinely caring and offering great support through the process. Though I'm still working on my weight loss, I now know it is going to be achievable not for short, term, but for life. I can't wait to continue more coaching with Simone working towards financial wealth. Thank you Simone for opening my mind and eyes and releasing me."

- Lisa, Canberra