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 Relationship Counselling in Canberra

Is your relationship not as passionate or loving as it used to be?  Help is at hand - read more and enquire about couples coaching with My Guiding Angel.

Relationship Counselling in Canberra


My Guiding Angel offers a unique service for couples who are going through a tough time in their relationship, or who want to improve their relationship for the better. These relationship coaching services are designed to help you and your partner:

  • Overcome the relationship difficulties you are struggling with; 
  • Enhance your feelings of being loved and respected by each other; and 
  • Build a lasting foundation for trust, communication, understanding, connection, and intimacy. 

Suitable for newer or longer-term relationships and marriages, including newlyweds or those about to be married. My couples coaching services are tailored to your needs to enable you to make the changes you want to make, and to help you experience a richer, fuller, more meaningful life together.

Not sure whether relationship counselling services are for you? If you are experiencing any of the following:

  • You feel it is difficult to communicate with your partner because you frequently argue or one of you continually withdraws from discussions, or nothing ever gets resolved; 
  • You can’t see eye to eye or agree on issues that arise, such as: money disputes; household chores; the way you parent; or even what to do or where to go together; 
  • You avoid spending time together, or the time you do spend together is not enjoyable; 
  • Sexual and/or emotional intimacy is low or non-existent between you; 
  • There is a lack of trust – where one of you is snooping, excessively checking in, requiring permission for the other to see friends or go anywhere, or accusing the other of having an affair; 
  • You often don’t feel loved or important to your partner, or you no longer feel love for (or even like) your partner; 
  • You constantly hear harsh criticisms and judgments from your partner, or you harshly criticise and judge your partner; or 
  • You or your partner is considering ending the relationship. 

Then you may benefit from couples therapy on the south side of Canberra with My Guiding Angel.


About Couples Counselling Sessions with My Guiding Angel

My Guiding Angel offers a unique couples counselling process that is very different to that used by your typical relationship therapist. You will both have the opportunity to close the gap between what is important to you, and what you are currently experiencing in your relationship. Settle unresolved conflicts, heal the pain you may be feeling, and break down walls that have built up between you. Learn how to love each other the way you both need to feel loved. Develop essential skills for building and sustaining trust, communication, understanding, connection and intimacy. And experience a lasting relationship that is rich, full and meaningful. Importantly, you can achieve these outcomes without tearing down or damaging each other even further.

To find out more about my approach as a relationship therapist, please feel free to contact me .


Alternatives to One-On-One Coaching

If you feel as though you’re not ready for private coaching, or simply want to take your relationship to the next level, you may wish to consider My Guiding Angel relationship courses. Held on the south side of Canberra, these short courses are designed to equip you with new skills to enable a lasting relationship that is rich, full and meaningful. Read more about these courses now. 

"Simone's course was a real eye opener for our relationship.  It gave us the ability to understand each other's point of view, work together to amend our past quarrels and talk through our disagreements which were bringing us to our breaking point.  It also gave us the tools to work through them and grow.  Since being in the course we have been happier and able to apply the tools Simone gave us to talk through our disagreements rather than arguing.  We owe a big thank you to Simone and her life changing course."

- Joanna, Canberra


"My partner and I enrolled in Simone's course 6 months ago.  It not only helped us establish the real issues in our relationship but gave us the tools to deal with them effectively.  I would highly recommend this program to new and established relationships."

- Ian, Canberra