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PictureExecutive Coaching in Canberra

If you need to motivate your salespeople, keep them on track and being successful, while also achieving a balanced life, My Guiding Angel’s executive coaching can help. Increase your business’s efficiency without compromising staff happiness and satisfaction, equip your employees with the tools to effectively handle stress and anxiety, and keep them on the road to fulfilment.

We offer a unique service that encompasses both the business side, as well as the personal side, of achieving greater success at work. Our training focuses on building strong relationships between professionals and clients, resolving conflict and coming up with creative ways of approaching problems and issues.

My Guiding Angel’s executive coaching covers areas including:

  • Value and goal setting
  • Committed action
  • The road to fulfilment
  • Procrastination
  • Achieving work and life balance
  • Accepting your reality
  • Effectively dealing with difficult thoughts and emotions
  • Handling stress and anxiety
  • Thinking and living creatively
  • Emotional management

  • If you want to improve your office environment, see long-term improvement in staff happiness and retention, and enjoy the subsequent increases in productivity and sales, contact My Guiding Angel today. Simone will teach your employees a variety of techniques, empowering them to drive their own success and fulfilment, reach their personal and professional goals, and live healthy, balanced lives.

    As well as group training, we also provide one on one career/executive coaching advice for individuals.

    Contact My Guiding Angel on 0402 400 929 or email here to find out more regarding how executive coaching can help your business, anywhere in Canberra. Our services are suitable for a broad range of industries, with tools that transcend job sector and teach every employee important lessons for lasting satisfaction.