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I believe that everyone is on a journey of personal growth and it is my passion to support you to make yours as prosperous and fulfilling as you dare to make it. To help you achieve this, please see some of the course options and choose the next step along your pathway to happiness and success!

To learn about the YB 12 programs and courses I offer, please visit!services1/cdbz.  This covers the YB 12 Business, Executive, and Individual coaching programs that I run. 


For Better or For Worse - Our Pathway Back to Love


 "Simone's course was a real eye opener for our relationship.  It gave us the ability to understand each other's point of view, work together to amend our past quarrels and talk through our disagreements which were bringing us to our breaking point.  It also gave us the tools to work through them and grow.  Since being in the course we have been happier and able to apply the tools Simone gave us to talk through our disagreements rather than arguing.  We owe a big thank you to Simone and her life changing course."

- Joanna, Canberra

 " My partner and I enrolled in Simone's course 6 months ago.  It not only helped us establish the real issues in our relationship but gave us the tools to deal with them effectively.  I would highly recommend this program to new and established relationships." 

- Ian, Canberra

Have you ever heard of the phrase the 'HONEYMOON PERIOD'? And do you remember the time when you felt 'IN-LOVE' with your partner? Do you look back and ask yourself, "where did it go"?

In this course you will experience ways to improve and strengthen your relationship so that it becomes a richer, fuller, and more meaningful one.  With your continued commitment to learning and practicing certain skills, whether your relationship is okay, good, great, poor or almost intolerable, you can develop a way of being together where once again you believe that your partner is the love of your life; where it makes sense that you want to spend the rest of your life with each other; where you tell yourself that you made the right choice to have this person as 'the one' you are committed to for better or for worse; and where you feel that you can make it through the ups and downs of life together.

Learn how to:

  • Let go of the pain you feel this relationship has and does cause you, resolve long-standing resentments, and build communication and trust skills that will allow you to open up and experience more; 
  • Increase feelings of being loved and respected by your partner, and build a foundation for understanding, connection and intimacy; 
  • Act on your values to not only create a richer, fuller, and more meaningful relationship, but also life. 

This may be a challenging journey for you to take, yet take it anyway and allow your heart to once again be filled with love, trust, peace, and understanding.

Method of Delivery: Option 1: Workshops in Canberra, Australia; Option 2: Couples coaching.

Duration: Contact hours are up to 8 hours each day in this 2 day workshop. Individual couples coaching contact hours are up to 4 hours per session, for up to 4 sessions. 

For more information on upcoming course dates, please contact me.


Weight Loss - and Other Benefits


"After struggling all my life with the ‘battle of the bulge’ and trying all of the many fad diets I sort the help and guidance of ‘My Guiding Angel’. Simone was the most professional, genuinely caring and supportive coach during my visits. She always sought out new ways to best help me with my endeavour to lose weight and gain a positive mind set. The visits were tailored to me and I found the experience to be very positive. I have managed now to lose 30kgs and feel very lucky to have had the support and guidance that Simone has given me. I would have no hesitation in recommending My Guiding Angel (Simone) and feel her ability is not only vast but her passion for what she does is what sets her apart from others."

- Kerry, Canberra 

  "After being recommended by Simone through a friend I know I made the best choice in regards to my weight loss.  Simone helped me work through my relationship with food - the bad kind.  I am now happy, having fun, smiling and have rekindled my confidence.  Simone is genuinely caring and offering great support through the process.  Though I'm still working on my weight loss, I now know it is going to be achievable not for short, term, but for life.  I can't wait to continue more coaching with Simone working towards financial wealth.  Thank you Simone for opening my mind and eyes and releasing me."   

- Lisa, Canberra 

Are you disillusioned by the never ending struggle to lose weight and keep it off? Are you sick of going on diet after diet, only to see that while they may help you drop a few kilograms in the shorter term, they are too depriving and unsustainable, and the weight just piles back on over the longer term? Do you long to find a permanent way to experience vitality, improve your wellbeing, and maintain a healthy weight?

There is a way. A life-enhancing way that does not involve going on restrictive diets or maintain rigid diet rules that just don't work for your lifestyle.

In this course you will learn scientifically proven techniques to experience freedom from the never-ending weight loss battle:

  • F -Feel more in control of what you feed your body and the actions you take;  
  • R -Rediscover what gives you a sense of joy and fulfilment;  
  • E -Effectively deal with difficult emotions while improving your wellbeing;  
  • E -Effectively deal with thoughts of not being 'good enough' or of being 'too fat' or 'too tired' and other limiting self-criticisms you struggle with;  
  • D -Deal effectively with cravings and urges;  
  • O -Overcome the mental barriers that prevent you from achieving and maintaining a healthy weight; and  
  • M -Make lasting and permanent changes that you really value while being fully guided and supported.  

Method of Delivery: Option 1: Workshops in Canberra, Australia; Option 2: One-on-one coaching sessions.

Duration: Contact hours are up to 1.5 hours for one session per week, over 8 weeks.  You will need time to complete "homeplay" - being the actions you commit to taking during this 8 week course, as well as practicing the techniques you will learn throughout the course.

For more information on upcoming course dates, please contact me.


Time For A Change


   "The Time For A Change course is perfect for someone who is frustrated with their current life and needs help to take that first step towards changes that can and do make a real difference.  In Time For A Change it's time well spent."

- Stuart, Canberra

   "Time For A Change was great for getting me to stop and take stock of where I am at and what positive steps I can take to make my life better.  Thanks Simone."

- Annette, Canberra

   "When I started this workshop I believed I wasn't worthy of happiness, or of loving from anybody but my children.  I am now in the belief that I am a wonderful person who deserves love, and am slowly but surely learning to love myself."

- Maria, Canberra

Start transforming your life now! This 4 week course will equip you with a clear indication of where you are now in the important areas in your life compared to where you want to be, and give you the tools to move towards the life you most desire. You will discover what is holding you back and how to shift your limiting fears, beliefs or behaviours. You are coached through this powerful process and not only will you see major changes in your life, but you will have invaluable tools to use far beyond the completion of this course.

Method of Delivery: Option 1: Workshops in Canberra, Australia; Option 2: One-on-one coaching sessions.

Duration: Contact hours are up to 1.5 hours for one session per week, over 4 weeks. You will need time to complete "homeplay" - being the actions you determine you will take as a result of the goals you set during this 4 week course.

For more information on upcoming course dates, please contact me.