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About Me


Hi!  I'm Simone Davies-Brown, and welcome to "My Guiding Angel". 

My Guiding Angel

So who am I and what am I about? And most importantly how can I help you get the most out of your life?

As a life coach my aim is to help, guide, and teach you to get what you really want out of life, be the person you want to be, and achieve what you want to achieve.

Every person is unique and every individual's goals, values, and dreams will differ. Reflecting this, my philosophy is strongly focussed on tailoring an individual coaching program to help you. You may have big, long-term goals, or they might be small, short-term goals. You may want help with work or a business venture, with life balance, relationships, with weight loss, with just the little things that bug you or with everything that is going on in your world. Whatever the situation, my purpose is to assist and guide you.

As for myself, I have a passion for personal development and growth. For seeing someone get the most out of themselves and their lives. For witnessing the excitement when someone is empowered to live their values and achieve their goals. For sharing in the joy and happiness when someone breaks through limiting emotions, behaviours and patterns, and begins living the life they truly desire.

In addition to my training as a life coach, YB 12 coach (please visit, ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) therapist and Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner; I have more than 5 years experience in couching individuals and couples in all areas of life including weight loss and relationships, and facilitating workshops and courses that have proven to be transformational for those who have already completed one or more of them. I also have a range of other qualifications, skills and life experience.

I was a Certified Practicing Accountant for almost 20 years and ran my own successful accounting business and now coaching business. In the past I have held high level executive and managerial positions in both small and large corporate firms. I am a qualified Accountant and Financial Planner (although no longer in practice), reflecting a natural aptitude I possess with finance and money, having assisted clients achieve their financial goals and create wealth and prosperity in their own lives. I was a Group Fitness Leader for more than 15 years, reflecting my passion for health and fitness.  I also have Advanced Diplomas in Management and Management (Human Resources), and a number of other business qualifications.

I am a mother of two wonderful (but like most munchkins, challenging at times!) children. Being a mum has taught me a great deal about the need to find 'balance'; the need to nurture; the need to develop and guide; the need to have boundaries; and the need to be flexible and adaptable. Like most people, I have had many life experiences that have absolutely rocked, if not shattered, my world. Thankfully, all of these experiences, and the growth I have proudly achieved as a result of them, have all combined to give me the heart and the skills I need to most effectively guide and assist my clients in improving their own lives.

My approach to life coaching is first to find out about you and what you (and your partner when participating in couples coaching) wish to achieve or overcome. Then we examine what might be restricting you and agree on how, together, we can work at overcoming the obstacles and challenges you experience. Finally, you will learn sustainable skills that will assist you to live a richer, fuller and more meaningful life.

My form of coaching/therapy is a very active form of helping you, it is not simply talking about your problems.  We will clarify what's important to you; what you want to stand for in life; what strengths and qualities you want to develop; and how you can take action.  You will learn how to manage your thoughts and feelings more effectively so they have less impact and influence over you as you move towards your values and the life you want to live.  As such, your role is highly participative, and truly rewarding.

I do believe that no matter what, we can create a richer, fuller, more meaningful life that we love to live. Coaching and running courses are some of my ways to help others, and hopefully you, begin to achieve this.

There is no better time to start this journey than now!  Please contact me to begin yours...