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Stop Struggling and Start Living Now!

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Welcome to 'My Guiding Angel'


Are you tired of struggling?  Do you want more for yourself?  At some point in our lives, we all need support and guidance.  At My Guiding Angel, you will receive professional and practical coaching to enable you to stop being beaten around by life and its challenges, and to navigate your way to the life that you want to live.


Whether it be that you are in a relationship that you need to improve (or leave) to feel happy, that you have behavioural patterns that are devastating parts of your world - showing up in your career, your relationships and family life, or through ill-health and feelings of stress, anxiety and depression, or simply that you don't know where to begin to have a better life, I will guide you through transformational change so that YOU are living a richer, fuller and more meaningful life.


Allow me to support you along your pathway to happiness and success.  Either through life coaching or relationship counselling, or through your participation in one of our life-enhancing courses, I can help you make all the difference.